• Aestirol


    Male Eladrin rancher who lives just outside of the Osrik Stronghold
  • Ara


    Elf Monk
  • Captain Kahvahna

    Captain Kahvahna

    Female half-orc military captain sent from Lambasa to the Osrik Stronghold to bring back order
  • Captain Revince

    Captain Revince

    RIP - Former Captain of the military in the Osrik Stronghold
  • Craynor


    Human Barbarian
  • Dayereth Lorhalien

    Dayereth Lorhalien

    Eladrin with Woodland Justice Network
  • Hylith Mol

    Hylith Mol

    Elf Shaman
  • Itzam-Ye


    Githzerai Inovker
  • Jirl Ondish

    Jirl Ondish

    Female Halfling Businesswoman in the Osrik Stronghold
  • Laeralin


    WJN Council Member in Exile
  • Leogrator


    WJN Council member willing to use strength to return justice to elves in Terkent
  • Lt. Stymers

    Lt. Stymers

    Male human military lieutenant in the Osrik Stronghold; up to no good
  • Nashwa El Nar

    Nashwa El Nar

    Genasi Swordmage
  • Phlen


    The herbalist in the Osrik Stronghold
  • Private Frome

    Private Frome

    Male elf military private in the Osrik Stronghold; friend of Lt. Stymers
  • Sergeant Zerth

    Sergeant Zerth

    Goliath Warden
  • Shivon Stormrider

    Shivon Stormrider

    Eladrin Ardent
  • Skeetty


    Owner and proprietor of the Avalanche Inn in the Osrik Stronghold
  • Tamirix Evodia

    Tamirix Evodia

    Wilden Druid
  • Thorn


    Longtooth Shifter Avenger
  • Trujy


    A female elf who owns the general store in the Osrik Stronghold
  • Xeriope


    Succubus in disguise as the lone-surviving farmgirl
  • Zareni Riverwall

    Zareni Riverwall

    Elf with Woodland Justice Network