Longtooth Shifter Avenger



Thorn was raised by wolves and other longtooth shifters in the Talentia Plains in NW Terkent. He and his pack hunted for food, becoming quite adept at providing for an ever-growing pack. For a long time he considered himself a skilled hunter. He would often be able to single out prey, one by one, catch and take it down, no matter what it was. His peers buzzed about his talent, but he thought it was only meant to help his pack. He noticed talents of others and told others that each one brought their own strengths to enrich the entire group. It seemed to him that all in his pack agreed with him.

By the time Thorn turned 32, he had become quite a hunter. This was the year that Thorn and his pack learned that they must relocate. There was spreading word of a great danger that had come to the Talentia Plains. Friends had seen great destruction. Dinosaurs that had roamed freely were being used as mounts to some humanoid race that was destroying the beings and the earth itself in the region. This power had grown so strong that it was deemed best by the pack and many others to flee to and across the great mountains to the east. To many, these are known as the King’s Mountains.

This journey would prove to be deadly. Over half of the pack died in attempts to scale the mountains and in encounters with great beasts that turned the pack from predator to prey. It was on this journey that Thorn realized he was not only a good hunter. For the first time, he heard a strange voice that no one else could hear. He would later identify this voice as the voice of Balinor.

After the great journey across the King’s Mountains, Thorn knew he must retreat further from civilization to listen to the voice of Balinor. He would swear his allegiance to Balinor in hopes of best protecting his pack. After over a year of listening, reflecting, and praying, Thorn returned to find his pack. He was just turning 34.

For a time, things seemed back to normal. The pack roamed and hunted. Thorn stood out as a hunter. Others helped the pack in their own way.

He still vividly remembers when it all changed. The sky was clear, the stars and moon showed brilliantly in the sky. His closest “brother,” (he called all in his pack brothers and sisters) Rain, had called the pack in for a rare meeting. As Rain spoke, the black sky turned crimson red as a comet lit up the sky somewhere far to the southeast. Rain spoke of a terrible threat to the shifters. He said those who lived in civilization nearby were expanding and running over everything in their path. Rain suggested that the pack move and find a new area to call its own. Many argued through the night about this. The pack did not realize how quickly this change would come.

The next morning everything was chaos. A great dragon flew into camp and the shifters scattered. Thorn fled with 4 others including Rain. They continued to stay on the move for days, taking turns holding watch while the others rested. On day three of their escape, when Rain was on duty, the camp was broached and the other three shifters were killed. Thorn was left for dead. Rain was gone. Had he been captured? Or killed? Why was his body not left with the rest? Could he have betrayed his own pack?

Thorn awoke in a pool of his own blood and the blood of his pack. He swore to find the culprit(s) and get revenge. He swore to make this world safe for shifters again. He knew he would need the help of his god, Balinor. He prayed, hunted, and trained.

Since, Thorn has joined adventuring groups going into the King’s Mountains in hopes of gaining strength and information about Rain and about those who attacked the shifters. In these travels, Thorn has been back and forth from the feywild and has formed alliances with those who also value nature over civilization.

Thorn made such a name for himself that he was recognized an honored by the crown. He is now a member of the Scarlet Guard. Along the way, he crossed paths with Zerth, a goliath warden who works with the military and is sympathetic to the cause of elves and other members of the wild. Thorn does wish to help the crown, but only so far as he is helping his world, especially nature. Recently, while continuing his search for the party responsible for the destruction of his brothers, Thorn has uncovered mysterious disappearances of eladrin and elves. He has found a common ally in the wilden druid, Tamirix Evodia. Tamirix, who came from the feywild, told him the abductions are also happening in the feywild.

Together, they do not feel they have the power to deal with this on their own.
Thorn suggested reconnecting with an old acquaintance in Sgt. Zerth. He heard that Zerth was last seen in the Osrik Stronghold. He and Tamirix travelled there together to ask for help.


Thorn has a strong allegiance to any party he travels with. This grows even stronger when his fellow adventurers protect nature. He does have a strong desire to uncover what harmed his fellow shifters, and holds some doubt about those connected to civilization. He dives into battle to protect his companions. He works well as a part of a team in combat, coordinating his attacks with his allies and coming to the aid of beleaguered friends. He is active, alert, fierce, predatory, and unrestrained. He willingly works for a new pack. His complete trust in a pack is hampered by this past event and his desire to right this wrong.


At 5’11” 170 lbs, he is lithe, but not epically strong. He wisely uncovers his foes weaknesses, instead of relying on brute strength. He often moves in a crouched posture, springing and leaping along the ground. He appears a bit like a werewolf, somewhat canine in appearance. His face is like a beast, with a wide, flat nose, large eyes, heavy eyebrows, pointed ears, and long sideburns. His hair is thick and worn long. His hair and skin is a dark brown. He has a large scar on his face, neck, and chest. It goes from where his right jawbone meets his neck down across his neck to just below his left nipple. This is from the attack on his camp that left him for dead.




Balinor rules the beasts, the hunt, and the cycle of life. He teaches respect for wild animals and nature: One should take-carefully—only what one needs from the wild to improve civilization. That the intelligent races slay and eat animals is part of the natural cycle. That an occasional hunter falls to a rampaging boar or angry bear is also part of the cycle. His commands are straightforward:

• Take what you need from nature, but respect its power.

• Courage invites luck. Never flinch in the face of danger, but don’t court it unprepared.

• Change is constant. The only certainty in life is death. Death is not to be feared, but celebrated as part of the natural cycle.


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