Shivon Stormrider

Eladrin Ardent


Hometown: The Mauvaise settlement in the Tiranie Mountains (Feywild)

God: Melora

Full-time profession: Ardent

Side Job: Recruiting elves and eladrin back to their roots, the feywild


House Stormrider

High in the Tiranie Mountain Range in the Feywild, there is a clan of Eladrin who take their worship of Melora to an extreme. Like most extremists, they choose to focus their devotion on only one aspect of their deity. These worshippers choose to revel in the power and destruction Melora causes through ferocious, raging storms. They are known as House Stormrider.

The Tiranie Mountain Range is beyond comprehension to any who have spent their lives only on the Prime Plane. As with everything in the Feywild, the Tiranie Mountains are an extreme ideal of what those who are not native to this plane think of as mountains. The highest peaks shoot miles into the sky, while valleys extend below the earth – sometimes even into the Feydark. Entire oceans cascade over waterfalls, and rock slides displace continents of earth.

But what the Tiranies are known most for are the thunderstorms. Clouds moving west to east cannot raise high enough to pass over the mountains. The clouds, as if angered at this impasse, unleash torrential storms upon the uplifted earth. These storms can last for days with lighting ripping the sky open like a burning wound, thunder growling as if from the throat of the Terrasque himself, and the sky becoming a beast pummeling the earth with hail and water.

The Stormrider clan revels in these storms. They see the storms as the perfect manifestation of Melora’s power – the chaos of nature is proving it’s superiority over the organization of civilization. Stormriders’ most important religious ceremonies take place during these storms and often lead to severe injuries, and on occasion, death. But these injuries are seen as rites of passage, and deaths are rejoiced as the deceased is now with Melora.

As a mountain society, transportation is of everyday concern. The harsh reality is that mortals (even Eladrin) cannot easily traverse the jagged peaks of the Tiranies. Even moving from one settlement to the next can be arduous. House Stormrider has therefore spent millennia perfecting the arcane art of teleportation. Not only is this a practical way of moving from cliff to cliff (not to mention to arrest a fall), but it gives them a significant advantage in combat, as an enemy who is teleported off a cliff to his death dies much quicker than one who must be defeated with a sword. A traveler to the Stormrider stronghold of cities will find paths that come to an abrupt end as they reach the face of a mountain, only to continue on the far side of a crevasse.

All Eladrin of House Stormrider study Arcana, and many become wild magic sorcerers or star or fey pact warlocks. These classes suit their inherent impatience and connection to nature more than the more studied arcane classes. But even in their study of the arcane, Stormriders are very close to their primal roots. This fact is evidenced in one of their most important rights of passage – the ceremony of the Reaching Spirit. There is no set age at which this ceremony takes place, it is believed that Melora chooses each Stormrider as he or she is ready. Some never go through the Reaching. During the Reaching Spirit ceremony, a shaman of the house puts the participant through a series of grueling tests of nature. At the end of the tests Melora grants the participant a spirit companion. This companion takes the form of a carving of a mountain creature that represents the participant’s relationship with the Goddess. At times of need, this figurine will manifest into a physical form of the carved creature to aid the Eladrin. This figurine is every Stormrider’s most sacred and prized possession.

The Stormrider clan has a seemingly eternal war against the drow and other aberrant creatures of the Feydark in the deep valleys of the mountains.

Personal Background

Shivon was born to a middle family in the Mauvaise settlement in the Tiranie Mountains. She progressed quickly through her arcane studies, and it was clear that she would one day be a leader of her people. But no one could have guessed how soon. At the young age of 50, Melora was selected her for the Reaching Spirit ceremony. She passed in spectacular fashion and the spirit companion that was selected for her was an Elderwood Falcon – representing her close proximity to Melora and the fact that she will soar. The limits of her progress is unbounded. She named this companion Galewynd.

Over the next century and a half, Shivon continued to prove her prowess as a leader of her people. She was given the charge of several expeditions to the Feydark, and came back successful every time. During this time, she has grown to respect the Drow in certain ways, despite Melora’s proclamation of hatred toward this race. However, she has a special loathing for illithids and fomorians. Not only are they an aberrant abomination, but their civilization – built by slaves and thralls – is completely unnatural.

During these years, Shivon was also growing in her powers. She started to discover that her powers manifested themselves differently from those around her. While most Stormrider Eladrin find their strength through either arcane or primal sources, Shivon found that her greatest power source was through her psychic ability. As she honed this ability she became an even more convincing leader and more formidable foe.

Normally, Shivon has no interest in the Prime Plane, as it in now way can express the power of Melora’s nature. But recently she has answered a call from fellow Eladrin on the Prime Plane, specifically eastern Terkent. She has come to Terkent to help lead members of the Woodland Justice Network in their quest for equality for those of fey origin.


At this point in her life and adventuring career, Shivon has become extremely confident in her abilities. She is not interested in winning the hearts of those she leads, she is only interesting in getting the best result given the resources she has, and accomplishing her goal, which is always to bring glory to Melora in some way. She leads though intimidation more than diplomacy, and she gets results.
Shivon believes firmly in the religious tenets by which she was raised and she will die defending the powerful chaos of nature. She has no interest in civilization or those who need this crutch.
She loves the Feywild and considers it the only true representation of nature. She considers the Prime Plane as an unimportant, uninteresting, poor replica of reality. She makes no pretension about her intentions here – her mission is to help the WJN, then return to the Feywild which she considers much more important.

In Combat

Shivon doesn’t just want to win, she wants to win decisively. Her strategy is always to hit her enemy hard in the first rounds, often using daily powers and action points at the very beginning of the battle in an effort to demoralize her enemies. Her favorite tactic is to use her fey longsword to attack then pull the strongest opponent to her, then attacking with the strongest power she has.

Another favorite trick of hers is to cast Storm Pillar, then use her dislocation dagger to push enemies into the waiting lighting.

As the battle goes on, Shivon uses her teleportation powers to move her allies into advantageous positions and her enemies into the waiting weapons of her comrades. Her focus is always on attack and advantage, and she uses her Ardent surge only when allies are on the brink of death.


Shivon is not interested in life on the Prime Plane. The only reason she is helping the WJN is to try to convince all those of fey origin to come back to the Feywild and reconnect with their true, natural roots.

Back in her home Tiranie Mountains, Shivon wants to continue her rise in power and her battle against the aberrant creatures of the Feydark.

Shivon Stormrider

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