Sergeant Zerth

Goliath Warden


Hometown: Near Lambasa

God: Primal

Full-time profession: Military Sergeant (stationed in Lambasa, potential to serve in the Osrik Stronghold)

Side Job: Warden

Personal Background

At a young age, Zerth decided to move from his clan that lived outside the capital to test his abilities in the capital. He uncovered his power in protecting those important to him. He also discovered a system of law that included local guards and national guards. He found that joining the guard put him in more situations where he could help those in need. Despite his superb skill, he was not fully appreciated by many who ranked higher than him. Many superiors seemed afraid of his size and race.

After hitting a plateau in rank, he was assigned to work for the female half-orc Captain Kahvahna outside of town. Although he was unhappy to be displaced from his adopted town of Lambasa, Zerth gained favor with his new captain, someone who shared a common experience of being considered an outsider to a society each feels a need to protect.

Through his reliability and his great ability, Zerth has achieved the rank of Sergeant. Both Zerth and Kahvahna await the opportunity for Zerth to become a Captain, too. The Osrik Compound appears to be the perfect fit, a community on the outskirts of civilization that has just lost both its first and second in command and is in need of leadership and protection. In an attempt to gain favor in the town, Zerth joined a group of adventurers to rid an evil that has befallen this area.

After succeeding, he welcomed the opportunity to stay and protect the Osrik Stronghold. He was immediately challenged by an elf insurgency.


Zerth takes pleasure his ability to protect those around him by directing enemies attention towards him. He has overcome his frustration with previous higher ranking officers because his opportunities to help others has not diminished in relation to his standing in the military.

Zerth still awaits the chance to lead others as a commanding officer. He plans to lead more by example than by great oratory. He believes actions are all that matter and that words sometimes clutter true understanding.

Sergeant Zerth

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