Nashwa El Nar

Genasi Swordmage




Hometown: Somewhere in the Elemental Chaos

God: Unknown

Full-time profession: Swordmage

Side Job: Renaming Craynor and stepping in the line of fire to protect friends.

Nashwa El Nar came to Siliceous as a result of a portal mishap. While traveling from the Elemental Chaos, she arrived within, but near the eastern edge of the King’s Mountains. It is there that she met several eladrin including Dayereth Lorhalien of the Woodland Justice Network. Dayereth and Nashwa agreed to try to help one another. Nashwa would help a group of adventurers on a WJN mission. Dayereth said he would try to help Nashwa in her future travels, if she would need to leave.

Nashwa El Nar

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