Githzerai Inovker


Hometown: Somewhere in the Elemental Chaos

God: Moradin

Full-time profession: Invoker

Side Job: Finding true understanding of this new world


Itzam-Ye is a githzerai with brown spots that look almost like tattoos and a great dagger. He has not been welcomed in towns in Terkent to date. Each time, after being asked for some sort of ID and unable to produce what the authorities wanted, he has been chased out. Once, he hwas mistaken for an unknown breed of elf. Recently, he entered the King’s Mountains and it is there that he met Content Not Found: dayereth-lorhalien. Dayereth was one of the few friendly beings that he entered this new plane and the continent of Terkent.

He has been gifted some great powers from Moradin that help him control the battlefield while dealing major damage to those who oppose him. His new associates have greatly appreciated his ability to weaken enemies from the backlines.

He does not invoke the name of familiar githzerai gods. Itzam-Ye is very curious about the religious practices of others in this land.


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