Hylith Mol

Elf Shaman


Hometown: Wilderness – The King’s Mountains

God: Primal

Full-time profession: Shaman

Side Job: The Bear Necessities


Hylith Mol is an elf with dark brown hair, violet eyes, who is a close friend of Zareni Riverwall. They met near his home. He grew up in the King’s Mountains, northwest of the Osrik Compound.

His father had been a healer. His mother the chosen leader of his clan. Growing up, Hylith was looked to for strength and healing amongst those closest to him. His skills seemed to come naturally to him. As he came of age, Hylith wanted to see how gifted he really was. He led some of his closest friends to areas beyond the clans watchful eye. His friends trusted him, yet were still afraid of the dangers of the world. The first time they were truly threatened, Hylith reached deep within himself. Trying to find the strength to fight and lead his friends, he focussed on the strongest animal he had ever seen and remembered the words of his mother. At that moment, a large brown bear appeared to protect his friends. It healed them while punishing their enemy in battle. Hylith remembers this as a vivid dream. His friends have tried many times to tell him it was real, explaining that they couldn’t have all had the exact same dream.

After learning to channel his inner power in the form of the bear more consistently, Hylith was called on to lead groups to protect his clan. As Hylith grew older and more experienced, he and his parents agreed it was time for him to experience more. With one friend, he set out and left the mountains. It is there that he met Zareni Riverwall and found his way into the Woodland Justice Network. He and Zareni gained one another’s trust and became close friends.

As a leader in this rogue network, Hylith has found ways to help elves and others. He agrees with Laeralin that elves serve a greater purpose in society, not just a purpose to serve elves, but to serve all races. At the request of Zareni, Hylith has joined a group of adventures in an attempt to help lead them to overcome an evil that has befallen the Osrik Stronghold, a town on the outskirts of civilization that has been kind to elves.

Prior to helping this town, Hylith has led many wilderness adventuring groups against the terrors that run wild in the area of the King’s Mountains near his people. He has recently discovered “civilization” and considers it odd or strange, just as some who live in cities consider those from outside of town “different.” He is curious about what he does not know and hopes to learn more from those he leads and possibly by doing some exploring of his own.

He has heard of, but not experienced, the negative treatment of elves by some of these cities. He wonders why this happens and wonders if he could use his leadership skills to help this situation that is very foreign to him.

Hylith Mol

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