Elf Monk


Hometown: Standhall

God: St. Cuthbert

Full-time profession: Monk

Side Job: Benjin’s Target

The details of Ara’s past are very sketchy, and what is known is often times based on rumors and assumptions.

The following is what is believed to be known about Ara…

His name is much longer, but most people just call him Ara.

He is of elven decent, but it is not known which line.

He may have spent time in the Feywild, or possibly even began life there.

He carries no weapons, and travels light.

He made his way to Terkent via ship, but almost all reports of his actions and whereabouts ceased shortly thereafter.

Some have mentioned that one of his hands is not made of flesh.

He has been known to travel with larger parties, but is typically on his own.

A small piece of paper with several notes was taken from a renegade elven bard in the woods near Lambassa. This elf explained that he was working on a song for a mythical hero, but it is believed that his song is really telling the tale of Ara. Some of the quotes:

“He came from another land, only to wind up with a glass hand.”

“He would step forward with no fear, only to wind up with an arrow in the rear.”


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