Where the Wild Things R

Toughest Enemy Ever? Not to Ixam-Ye

August 7, 2010

Recap from last time:
We (Craynor, Ara, Shivon Stormrider, Nashwa El Nar, and Itzam-Ye) were sent by the WJN to help the Osrik Stronghold, a town in need that has been a friend to elves and eladrin. When we arrived in town, it was tough to find someone to talk to, let alone find a good lead. We heard about a prophecy, but we had no good leads on how to track the crazed dwarf who made it. Soon later, we followed the only lead we had into the woods. Unfortunately we had been lead astray. After wasting over a week, we returned to find the town guard replenished by Captain Kahvahna of Lambasa.

Kahvahna asked us to help with Captain Revince and the farmgirl, Xeriope. Help we did. Phlen, the herbalist looked pretty scared. When spine devils arrived, he ran out of his place screaming. We killed Revince, the farmgirl succubus, and 3 spine devils in a difficult fight in very close quarters.

Our enemies lay dead.

Today, 10/17:
We search all of the rooms. Under the farmgirls bed, we find a satchel. It has a grotesque statuette made of pure platinum (value 1000 gp), a gem (700 gp) and a crudely drawn map showing the way to a shack. Itzam-Ye is able to understand any language. Written in supernal on the map near the shack is “To the Hag.”

Captain Kahvahna is thankful we handled Captain Revince and Xeriope, but disappointed we killed Revince. Phlen thinks we might have been the ones who brought the devils that appeared in his house. Nashwa El Nar very calmly and diplomatically convinces Phlen that Xeriope was a devil and the spine devils were with her. Phlen says that her body was not a normal human body, but had attributed it to the evil that had attacked her farm and killed off everything else there. Now he believes us. This helps convince Kahvahna.

Zareni Riverwall and Captain Kahvahna meet with us. Zareni sends her friend Hylith Mol, an elf shaman, with us to help lead us while Zareni meets with Shivon. Cpt. Kahvahna sends her second in command, Sergeant Zerth, hoping this gives Zerth and opportunity to gain some renown amongst the locals of the Osrik Stronghold. To this point, the goliath warden has had difficulty fitting in. A city like this, currently without a captain or sergeant, on the outskirts of civilization may be the perfect fit for him. First he will have to win their trust and respect.

Ara, knocked out in the fight, had to spend all but one heal surge in order to heal close to full strength. He stays behind to rest and recover. He tries to befriend more townspeople during this time. Beyond Aestirol, Phlen, Skeetty, he has no success during his 6 hours of rest.

Shivon meets with Zareni to talk about something secret. Shivon recovers during this 6 hour window, too.

The shaman Hylith Mol and the warden Sergeant Zerth join Craynor, Itzam-Ye, and Nashwa El Nar as they follow the map off road, through a small wood and to the shack. They arrive as night approaches. The roughly built home is flush against the mountain. Zerth enters and meets a filthy female dwarf rocking in her chair. She accused Zerth and the rest of us of being “the strangers.” She goes into the next room where 2 bowmen await. A battle breaks out. She is a howling hag. 4 cultist archers try to help her. A large ogre warhulk, likely the toughest individual we’ve ever fought charges in through a secret door.

Thanks a lot to Itzam-Ye who made the ogre hurt anytime any of us were hurt, we made fast work of the ogres 286 hit points (LVL 11 elite). Sergeant Zerth knocked the ogre over and forcing him to attack from the ground for two rounds. Craynor blessed the 12 sided dice, er greatsword, in his hand and laid a world of hurt on the ogre. Nashwa El Nar resisted most of the damage dealt her while not allowing the archers to shoot much at all. Hylith Mol kept using his spirit companion bear to keep everyone else on their feet. Hylith sacrificed himself and his bear to help us out, taking lots of damage, but managing to stay on his feet.

Two cultist archers gave up at the end. They told us the hag had kept the ogre hear, telling him he would get to kill lots of adventurers. That made him happy. The worship the 8th hell, called Dis. Notes written by the hag in Elven say the mountains of this area have many secrets including a portal to place of great evil. The notes say the blood of a mortal being can open the portal. The notes describe landmarks of the area. Itzam-Ye remembers from his historical research that the portal is located in the place near the former home to the white dragon, who was felled by adventurers 2 years ago. We also found barkskin hide armor +2 on one of the dead adventurers in the ogre’s lair. It fit Craynor perfectly.

We left notes for Ara and Shivon to find and headed off towards the mountain cave entry.

We arrive early in the morning and enter the cave described on the map. After a very long journey through a passageway varying from 20’-40’ wide, a cavern opened up with some light. Nashwa El Nar spotted an owlbear ahead. Itzam-Ye tried to blast it but the owlbear charged his in the cave entryway. A large brawl ensued in the entryway. 2 flameskulls floated in the room behind the owlbear shooting fire at us. Nashwa El Nar teleported to flank the owlbear and allowed Craynor to enter the fray. The owlbear did a lot of damage to Zerth, but the group bloodied it pretty quickly. When bloodied, the owlbear let out a screech that stunned 2 of us. Fortunately, Hylith Mol allowed both to save out before their turn even began. We made quick work of the owlbear after this.

Itzam-Ye was able to push the flameskulls down, while Zerth and Craynor climbed up to knock the flameskulls out the air. Nashwa El Nar blased them. Hylith very creatively attempted to drop a falling bear on one of them. Soon, the flameskulls were defeated.

Nashwa disabled a trap in the room. Then, Hylith Mol showed Craynor how to disable the other. We searched the ledges in the room and found a pile of treasure on a ledge where the flameskulls had been hangin’. It included a pile of coins (600 gp) and a circlet of mental onslaught. Hylith Mol won rock paper scissors vs. Itzam-Ye to take this item.

Next time, we will continue through the caves, up the mountain in search of this terrible portal. Will Ara and/or Shivon catch up? Will Hylith or Zerth be able to stay? With the failed skills challenge, we are sure to have made things more challenging for ourselves. We have done very well so far. What will be further up the caves?



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