Where the Wild Things R

Spines a Plenty, Craynor Dissapates an Oni

August 28, 1010

Late on 10/17:
After disabling the traps, we hear the sound of footsteps approaching up the corridor. It’s Ara and Shivon Stormrider. The tell Nashwa El Nar “He’s here! You must go… fast! Dayereth will know more!” Sergeant Zerth goes with Nashwa hustling back towards the entryway into the mountain and then back to Osrik. Ara and Shivon join the others.

While in Osrik talking to Dayereth Lorhalien, Shivon heard and remembers that there are three larger caverns in this tunnel system that leads very far and very high into the mountain. The last cavern is just inside the mountaintop and was where the white dragon lair was when adventurers defeated it two years ago.

Continuing on for miles, we go higher and much further into the mountain. Eventually we see everburning torches and a larger cavern. Many spindly beasts, spine devils, stand guard along with several humans. During the battle, an Oni joins the 8 spine devils and 8 human minions. Only the bear spirit companion is charmed to sleep one time by the Oni.

Ara knocked several spine devils prone, bowling the Oni into them. He also stabalized Craynor during the fight, barely keeping him alive. Craynor ran furiously back and forth, charging past minions to kill others and then back to kill the ones he charged past in the first place. Craynor laid the final hit on the Oni, killing it while it was in gaseous form and appeared to be retreating. Hylith Mol used his spirit companion to attack the enemy and heal his allies. The bear fought ferociously, lending strength and confidence to the others. Itzam-Ye continued to bring Moradin’s vengeance to the devils and devil worshippers he encountered. He drew many attacks from spine devils, but easily held his own and he turned them away. Both Ara and Ixam-Ye found ways to thwart charging devils during the encounter, by moving back. Shivon Stormrider very consistently hit the Oni, confusing it and forcing the Oni to attack those he was commanding. Shivon kept her allies up in the fight with healing and helped tactically, frequently flanking enemies. Even when Shivon was knocked off her feet, she was able to crawl around the battlefield, cutting at her enemies ankles and legs.

After defeating the enemy, Ara helped the prisoners out of the pit. They had been kept there like fish in a barrel. When asked, the prisoners identified themselves as town guards who had been sent on missions to the countryside by Captain Revince, only to be ambushed by spine devils, captured and brought here. They said that 5 or 6 times a day a spine devil comes and takes a prisoner away. The prisoners have not returned.

Ixam-Ye searched the body of the Oni and found sureshot gloves (LVL 9) in a small pouch. Ixam-Ye will keep this item.

Looking ahead to next time, we expect one more encounter. There is only one larger cavern. We have discussed taking an extended rest, but decided to push on. Some of our dailies are gone. Many of our healing surges are gone. They don’t call us heroes for nothing…



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