Where the Wild Things R

Righting a Wrong: The Shadar-Kai, The Raven Queen, Elf & Eladrin Abductions

October 9, 1010

Thorn and Tamirix Evodia meet. Tamarix informs Thorn that her little sister has been abducted. Thorn says they should contact Sergeant Zerth.
• Sgt. Zerth hears their story. He has heard of similar abductions both in the feywild and and Terkent. He knows just what to do.
• The three of them speak with The Party. Hylith Mol is dispatched to help with the Woodland’s Justice Network. Craynor is sent to meet his old party.
• Sgt. Zerth tells The Party of the problem. He knows that Vandariel “the Voice of Pain” witch leader of the Lords of Pain are at the root of this evil. They are Shadar kai (and others). Cultists! They are operating out of the Feywild (actually it the Shadowfell). They worship the Raven Queen in a perversion of her ways.
• The Party needs to find a way into the Feywild. Marthyra Duskwalker can perform the ritual. But no one knows exactly where she lives. Just “on the mountain”.
• The Party uses its skills to find her and convince her to perform the ritual. She does so. She, Timmy, and Olofalcon perform the ritual with The Party. They arrive in the Feywild near where Shivon was from. She gives them the rituals Fey Passage and speak with nature.
• The Party and Olofalcon find the cave of the cultists. They quickly and quietly make their way to the chamber of teeth that contained the portal to the Shadowfell. Thorn and Tamarix figure out that they need to perform a blood letting on a stature of the Raven Queen to safely pass through the Teeth.
• They do so and Tamarix grabs Shivon Stormrider and leads the two of them through the portal surprising the cultists in the act of performing a ritual vs. Tamarix’s little sister in order to “convert” her to a believer of the Raven Queen.
• Battle ensues. The Party fights as if their lives depend on it. They use energy as if it is the last time they might ever battle.
• They defeat the cultists but Vandariel escapes through the portal bleeding and irate. One cultist – not a shadar kai – remains. He shows The Party how to enter the ritual circle and save Tamarix’s sister.

The Party recovers 3000 gp in loot.
They find the ritual used to “convert” – Shivon destroys it.
They find the following magic:

+1 spiked chain – traded by Tamirix for +1 club
+1 magic shadowmail (x2) – Shivon, Itzam-Ye (convert to something similar to shadowmail)
+1 lifedrinker katar (x4) – ??? unclaimed
+2 amulet of protection (x2) – both claimed – Ara & ? Shivon ?
Speak with nature ritual – Tamirix

Tamarix now feels indebted to the party for helping her rescue her sister. She is protective by nature, and once her sister’s safety is assured, she will dedicate herself toward helping the party in whatever way she can. She is also in awe of the Feywild and looks forward to spending more time there.

Ara, you were very brave to dive in and drop that first blow on those who would pervert nature and their own god. Thanks to Tamirix and Shivon for keeping Ara alive. Shivon’s knowledge of the feywild is a great boon, along with her amazing abilities to reshape the battlefield. Tamirix, your wall of thorns and your healing powers will be most useful to us in battle. Itzam-Ye, your ability to hurt enemies from distance are amazing to me. I have seen others do this, but not often. I usually work with others who need to be next to their prey. You will be a great ally. I hope we have ended the abductions. I do not know what happened to my brother, Rain, but I trust you and I will work well together. If we continue to work to our strengths, I think we can right a lot of wrongs happening in nature, and can hopefully track my lost brother.




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