Where the Wild Things R

Craynor and Ara Make Out of This World Alliances

July 31, 2010

Craynor and Ara Make Out of This World Alliances (July 31, 2010)

(Day 1 – 10/11) – Ara and Craynor meet Zareni Riverwall in the Demus Woodlands. Zareni has a final mission for them, requiring them to work with three allies from beyond this world. Their mission is to investigate what happened at the Osrik Stronghold, help in any way needed, and most importantly to do whatever is necessary to retain a good relationship between this city and elves. Dayereth Lorhalien gives similar instructions to Itzam-Ye, Nashwa El Nar, and Shivon Stormrider, all of whom have recently entered the prime material plane. Shivon is an eladrin from the fey who is considered a great leader. Itzam-Ye is a githzerai invoker who has not been welcomed by many in Terkent until he crossed paths with members of the Woodland Justice Network. Nashwa El Nar had a portal mishap, arrived in the King’s Mountains in Terkent and was befriended by members of the WJN. All 5 have accepted their mission and set off with Zareni to the Osrik Stronghold.

We researched the history of the city, the woods (nature), and the mountain’s (dungeoneering) and learned everything there is to know.

(Day 1-2 – 10/11-12) – Travel days – uneventful. The group arrives at the Osrik Stronghold on 10/12.

Upon arrival, we find it undefended, most buildings shuttered, and nobody out on the streets. A lone chimney is sending out smoke. We go there. It is the Avalanche Inn. We meet Skeetty, a dwarf who owns the place and Jirl Ondish, a female halfling looking to do business moving goods up and down the river.

After buying lots of beer, Craynor fails a diplomacy check to begin the skills challenge of gathering information. Shivon is more diplomatic (Scoreboard = 1 Success, 1 Failure). Skeetty tells us a lot. 2 years ago, a white dragon was killed by heroes and the town has done much better since. A crazy female dwarf came to town a couple of months ago with various prophecies. All but one have come true. The prophecies – logging camps and farmsteads attacked with only one survivor, garrison soldiers started disappearing, and then strangers who meant to help would bring the destruction of all in the town. The “prophetic” dwarf lives somewhere near town, but Skeetty doesn’t know where. Skeetty tells us that Trujy in the general store is the only other one who talks with strangers, but only if they are willing to buy something.

Shivon tried to talk to Trujy without saying she had an interest in buying something. Trujy shut the door.

The group decided to explore the ranches and farms just outside of town. There, we met Aestirol and tried to help him with a difficult birth of a foal unsuccessfully (1 Success, 2 Failures). He told us he cares for the horses for the military. He said something was wrong with Captain Revince lately.

Craynor and others went to the barracks. Private Frome, an elf, told us to go away. Craynor convinced Frome to bring Lt. Stymers to the door (2 Successes, 2 Failures). We tried to intimidate Stymers, but he told us the military had everything under control in town.

Ara went back to the store and said he was interested in buying something. He noticed that Trujy was very nervous. Once inside, he noticed Trujy nervously looking at a book. Ara reported back to the group.

Itzam-Ye did some research around town about the religious practices of the community, noticing a diversity of religious symbols on doors and above doorways. Many were of good aligned gods, many connected to nature (Corellon, Melora, etc.).

The group followed a lead that Captain Revince was last seen at the herbalist’s shop. The herbalist, Phlen, did not give us much information about Revince. Shivon thought Phlen was being mostly honest, but hiding something.

Coming up empty, the group decided to pursue the only leads they had developed into the woods. It turned out to be false leads. After spending 4 days (10/13-16) traveling to and from logging sites, rumors of attacks were abundant, but the rumors proved untrue. The skills challenge was lost as the group headed to the woods.

10/17 As we made it back to town, the place was buzzing. Many new soldiers had arrived. There was a new captain in town, Captain Kahvahna, a half-orc, had brought soldiers from Lambasa, the capital of Terkent, to help out. The soldiers were manning the watchtowers and were supervising work done outside of town. Kahvahna told us that she dealt with Lt. Stymers, who had misused his newfound power in the absence of Cpt. Revince. She asked us to deal with Stymers, because if she did, it could get messy on many levels, both being captains and Revince being a highly respected man for some time here. She told us that he was with the farmgirl in the herbalist’s shop. She did not want us to kill them, if possible.

We went back to the herbalist’s shop. Phlen announced our presence and then stepped out of our way as we made our way back to a room where we found Captain Revince and the farmgirl. It turns out she wasn’t an ordinary farmgirl, but a succubus named Xeriope in disguise. 3 spine devils joined the fray. We fought valiantly, but it was a difficult fight. The succubus dominated many of us. After Itzam-Ye finally killed Cpt. Revince, the succubus kissed Ara. After the spine devils were dropped one by one, we were able to knock Ara out and kill the succubus.

Next time – we will need to heal up, search the bedroom, study, and cave where we fought, and then report back to Captain Kahvahna.



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